Calling Social Good Leaders
The idea of corporate social impact has evolved from the notion that corporations have some role to play in society to a recognition that corporations are powerful forces for addressing social well-being and that by doing good a corporation can thrive, create value and improve customer and employee relationships.

We are expert in creating corporate social impact programs that span the country and the globe.  Our consulting addresses four areas: Leadership/Strategy; Structure/Metrics/Impact Goals; Initiatives/Staff/Philanthropic/ Community; Public Perception.    more...
Nonprofits take their rightful place in our communities to enliven our communities, to educate our children, to care for the ill and to tend to those in need.

We build nonprofit capacity in the areas of strategic planning, board development, fundraising, data services and building an institution-wide culture of philanthropy.  more...

Real impact demands action and powerful action is informed by knowledge.  The Giving Principles offers robust educational courses in raising money, building nonprofit boards, building capacity and corporate social impact. 

The Giving Principles educational programs feature world-renowned nonprofit and social good leaders who generously share time-proven practices and cutting edge techniques.  more...

 "Vision and strategy are both important.  But there is a priority to them.  Vision always comes first.  Always.  If you have a clear vision, you will eventually attract the right strategy.  If you don't have a clear vision, no strategy will save you. "
  Fania Bizzo with children at the MORE Project
“Andrea makes a great leader and team member – she grasps quickly, understands deeply and takes ownership. Any team or company is lucky to work with her for the value she brings..”
  Katy Holt-Larsen, VIce President,
Jeunesse Global
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About Andrea Barnes, CEO

Andrea Barnes founded The Giving Principles after having spent her career facilitating social good around the globe.  She is an expert in nonprofit management with an emphasis on raising money.  Along the way, she designs corporate social impact programs with local, national and international reach.

"Connecting people in the field – those who perform humanitarian, artistic, educational, and social services work -- with people who care, is my passion. Through my work, I have developed strategies and avenues to communicate and work with local, national and international donors. I have experience in implementing large scale technology solutions to manage international charitable operations while ensuring that all charitable laws and regulations are followed. I have seen the power of corporate networks as a force for good and through networks, I seek to generate unprecedented support for charitable work world-wide."
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