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​Personal Nurse Advocate
Turner and Simpson
 "One of the great movements in my lifetime among educated people is the need to commit themselves to action. Most people are not satisfied with giving money; we also feel we need to work. "
Peter Drucker
Kidnected World
Kidnected World - Creators of the Wonderment
"I had the privilege to work closely with Andrea not only representing the Latin America region during MORE Project initiatives but also organizing a fundraising event. I was extremely impressed with the relationships she established and maintained with the donors in the field as well as the employees who volunteered their time and effort. She was strategic and very diligent in how the funds were used and managed a very successful non-profit organization for MonaVie which raised millions of dollars to help the children in need. I had the opportunity to see first hand her work in Brazil and was so impressed by how well managed that program was. I highly recommend Andrea to any organization that is in need of getting a successful non-profit organization established."
 Gaya Samarasingha
Sr. Director of International Sales & Development
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About Andrea Barnes, CEO

Andrea Barnes founded The Giving Principles after having spent her entire career facilitating social good around the globe.  She is an expert in nonprofit management with an emphasis on raising money.  Along the way, she designs corporate social impact programs with local, national and international reach.

"Connecting people in the field – those who perform humanitarian, artistic, educational, and social services work -- with people who care, is my specialty. Through my work, I have developed strategies and avenues to communicate and work with local, national and international donors. I have experience in implementing large scale technology solutions to manage international charitable operations while ensuring that all charitable laws and regulations are followed. I have seen the power of corporate networks as a force for good and through networks, I seek to generate unprecedented support for charitable work world-wide."
Andrea Barnes
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