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Nonprofits enliven our communities,  educate our children, care for the ill and tend to those in need.  At the Giving Principles, we work to build nonprofit capacity in the areas of strategic planning, board development, fundraising, data services and building an institution-wide culture of philanthropy.   We succeed when your mission succeeds.

We work with nonprofit leaders who have a vision for greater impact and understand that fundraising is mission critical. When you’ve made the decision to invest in your fundraising capability and are looking for guidance in setting up proven programs, our fundraising coaching is for you.  Your organization will get the most out of the Giving Principles training program when you are willing to develop your staff and are open to inviting leadership into the fundraising conversation, .  If you are committed and eager to learn and implement proven fundraising techniques to fund your vital mission, I invite you to work with our team.

Through our consulting practice we:
Provide on-line comprehensive educational programs to train development staff, executive directors and boards of trustees in the art and science of raising money
Provide on-site training programs for non-profit staff and teams in the areas of creating a culture of philanthropy, fundraising, board development, data management, strategic and fundraising planning.
Provide “of counsel” services for non-profits conducting fundraising campaigns
Nurture development staff and volunteers through training and renewal experiences
Publish training materials
Offer keynote presentations at conferences, seminars and training days
Host international seminars to disseminate knowledge and shed awareness on latest practices in generating support for great non-profit work
Engage the public through articles and social media activity on the issues facing non-profit financing
 "Fundraising is the gentle of art of teaching the joy of giving "
Henry Russo
 Nurse serving women in Ghana with IVU Med
“Along with enthusiasm, Andrea has a tenacity in not letting go of a project until it is done. It is a wonderful trait. It also helps that she knows what she's doing."
  Jack Mark, CEO Mark Enterprises
Chairman, Mark Family Foundation
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About Andrea Barnes, CEO

Andrea Barnes founded The Giving Principles after having spent her entire career facilitating social good around the globe.  She is an expert in nonprofit management with an emphasis on raising money.  Along the way, she designs corporate social impact programs with local, national and international reach.

"Connecting people in the field – those who perform humanitarian, artistic, educational, and social services work -- with people who care, is my specialty. Through my work, I have developed strategies and avenues to communicate and work with local, national and international donors. I have experience in implementing large scale technology solutions to manage international charitable operations while ensuring that all charitable laws and regulations are followed. I have seen the power of corporate networks as a force for good and through networks, I seek to generate unprecedented support for charitable work world-wide."
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Marketing and Social Media Strategy
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One Wish World
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Operation Smile
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