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The Giving Principles offers robust educational courses for the nonprofit and social good sectors featuring world-renowned leaders who generously share time-proven practices and cutting edge techniques.
Pick the learning experience that is right for you and your team
The Giving Principles™ offers multiple training programs to boost your knowledge, inspire your team, and empower you with the comprehensive knowledge you need to implement social impact and fundraising programs that fuel public good.
Registration for the comprehensive, fundamentals course, The Giving Principles Learn to Raise Money for the Cause You Love is Now Open. Please join our free webinar for more information.
  Giving Principles - Mini-Workshop
Giving is based on relationships, on story-telling and tried and true principles. In this mini-workshop we examine the 9 key principles in greater depth...principles that will change your fundraising from painful to purposeful. You will learn:
How to Tell Your Story - Because telling your story builds relationships and allows donors to understand
How to Engage Your Team -  Because fundraising is mission-aligned and everyone needs to be involved
How to Ask...Because if you don't ask, your mission won't succeed.  more...
  Inspire a Culture of Philanthropy
The most successful nonprofits are those that have created a culture where everyone involved in the organization understand that they have a role to play in fundraising.

Easier said than done and that's where this class comes in.  Learn what it means to have an effective culture of philanthropy and real-world strategies to incorporate into your own nonprofit.  more...

  Comprehensive Fundamentals

The Giving Principles | Learn to Raise Money for the Cause You Love is our flagship course and is designed for the new development professional, the new executive director or board members whose primary responsibility is to raise money.

At the completion of this course, you will have fundamental and comprehensive knowledge on how to raise money, expand your donor base, host profitable fundraising events, write successful grants and manage your time for maximum results.  more...
Corporate Social Impact
The idea of corporate social impact has evolved from the notion that corporations have some role to play in society to a recognition that corporations are powerful forces for addressing social well-being and that by doing good a corporation can thrive, create value and improve customer and employee relationships.

Enroll in this online conference where we explore best practices in social impact and practical strategies to implement in your own corporation.  The conference covers: Leadership/Strategy; more...

  New Board Orientation
Developing an effective board starts with the first recruiting conversation.  Expectations, leadership, organization culture all play a key role in helping board members contribute at a high level.

Board Strategies for the Executive Director: This series teaches nonprofit executives strategies to build the effectiveness of your boards.  more...

New Board Orientation: We've prepared best practices training for all your new board members.  Send them through our program so that can go to work for you.  more...
2016 Global Nonprofit Telesummit
Join 15 of the world's most respected leaders in the nonprofit and social good space who coach you on the strategies and insight they use to effectively scale their work as well as their unique fundraising strategies that finance their success. The conversations are personal. The advice is candid. This virtual event is unlike any professional training experience you've ever had.   People from around the world attended the live event which was held September 2016. We captured every wise word shared.  For an incredibly low price of $149, you can learn from the best. more...

we boldly declare that our mission is  
To Create Unprecedented Support for Good
By empowering your corporate social impact programs and life-saving non-profit solutions
together we can create powerful good in the world.
Hi, my name is Andrea Barnes
I am the founder of The Giving Principles™
I have been involved on the front lines of managing and raising money for non-profits and designing and growing corporate social impact programs for over 30 years.  My practice serves local, national and international communities.

In my career, I have had the privilege to raise over $34 million for schools, arts organizations, international humanitarian causes, social service agencies, hospitals and universities.  I have also run a corporate social impact program that operated in 28 countries and engaged over 55,000 donors.

I have given my life to the social good sector because we do the work no one else can. We feed malnourished children. We enrich our communities. We educate our brightest students. We heal the sick and research new cures.

I love this work because I have met some of the most incredible people of my life and have learned every day by their generosity and goodness. And some of the most powerful giving I have seen originated in the corporate social impact program.

And now I am committed to help you make the difference that only you can make.

You have special passions and dreams.  You are leading effective nonprofit organizations.  You are making a real difference in the lives you serve.  You are leading corporate social impact programs.

I can only fulfill on my mission of CREATING UNPRECEDENTED SUPPORT FOR GOOD by empowering you to do your work...
....with passion
....with knowledge
....with expertise
....with confidence!
It is my great privilege to offer you world-class educational programs to fuel your SOCIAL GOOD success.

Learn from the best. change the world.
  Our Faculty
Pearl Wright
Social Media and Marketing
 Mindy Relyea
One Wish World
 Leah Barker
CHOICE Humanitarian
Bill Wilson
 Michael Nebeker
Operation Smile
 Nancy Halden
Getting to Granted
 Kate Edwards
Friends for Sight
And More...
Lynne Twist, Soul of Money Institute
Jacki Zehner, Women Moving Millions
Kathy LeMay, Raising Change
Kristin Walter, FeelGood & Crew 2030
Devin Thorpe, Your Mark on the World
Kasandra Verbrugghen, SpyHop
Susana Collier, Virgin Unite
Cathy Burke, The Hunger Project
Scott Neeson, Cambodia Children's Fund
Beth Wolfer, Best Friends Animal Society
Patrick Hayes, Water for People
Valerie Bellande,

About Andrea Barnes, CEO and Lead Faculty

I've thought a lot about whom I want to serve.  And it's you!  I have such a deep desire to serve people who are raising money.  I know what it's like.  Fundraising can be a thankless job and usually, no one thinks to take care of the fundraiser.  Because I have spent my whole career raising money in one capacity or another, I feel deeply about the weight of your responsibility and vital nature of your success.  Without you and your work, there is NO mission.  Your organization cannot feed the homeless. You can't educate children. You can't provide life-saving care.  Money, friends, donors, investors are the magic key to making your mission happen and you are the catalyst for generating their support.

I am so excited you are looking at our educational programs.  I have created courses that comprehensive share my knowledge and the wisdom of countless others.  You'll love the guest coaches and their insights.  They are so smart and so good at what they do."
Andrea Barnes
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