Corporate Social Impact
Did you know that social impact programs can provide a competitive edge in driving corporate value?  Across industries, companies are using social impact to drive business success.  We are expert in creating corporate social impact programs that span the country and the globe. 

Are you wondering if a corporate philanthropic program is right your organization?
What format should it take?
Do you have a full CSR program in mind?
What format should it take?
Should you create your own foundation or team up with an existing charity?
Should you manage it in house or out of house?
What do you need to know about non-profit law?
What should you budget?
How do you influence your employees and customers to care?
It's got to be more than lip service...and this is where the Giving Principles comes in. We take you step by step through the process of creating a program that is just right for your corporation.

Our consulting addresses four areas:


We work with your company to establish a vision around your social impact program. Key players need to be in alignment with the commitment to social good.  When the team is in agreement about the vision, it will be clear what we need to accomplish for your company.


What you measure changes.  We believe in establishing key performance indicators for your social impact program.  We are expert in helping to direct the structures and measurements needed for greatest impact.


With more than 30 years experience in the nonprofit sector, we are expert in helping to vet outstanding nonprofit services that are a strategic and philosophical match for your corporate program. We develop programs for you or manage them on your behalf.

Public Perception

Giving back has to be authentic and the best programs integrate their give back programs as a core value of doing business. Authenticity generates results that make a difference.
  What's Your Social Impact Identity?
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  Know Your Social Impact Type
  Shareholder Focused
Business decisions and practiced focused on maximizing shareholder return.  Aware of social impact but expend little or no investment in implementing.
  Corporate Citizen
Social impact decisions are based on enhancing brand value.  Compliant policies are proactive.  Aware of value in recruiting and retaining talented staff.
  Impact Forward
Social impact is a way of doing business.  Impact goals and strategies are consider to be a KPI and integrated across departments.  Social impact is used to create new market opportunities.  Positive customer relations abound.
  Global Innovator
Social impact is integrated into the entire business model.  It permeates goods and services and targets social impact markets.  Social impact message is perceived as authentic.

 "More brands are waking up to their social responsibility and doing good work through cause marketing campaigns. Yet too many still go about it the wrong way. I mean 'wrong' in two senses. Firstly, they are marketing ineffectively, and secondly, as a consequence their positive social impact is not maximized"
Simon Mainwairing
The MORE Project , Niteroi, Brazil
"Andrea has the ability to examine any project with a critical and open mind and tries to evaluate what is important against what is doable. Her style is represented by a great balance between assertiveness and harmony (respect) of all positions represented. This balance translates into a keen talent to insert herself into a working team and work well with the existing resources and also by finding new ones. Andrea's experience allows her to sense and critically analyze each appropriate task, challenge and opportunity. Also, I think that Andrea tries, at all times, to infuse every process with her aesthetic sense and strongly resourceful attitude."
 Massimiliano Frani, President
Genote Lab
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From Andrea Barnes, CEO

"For seven years I had the privilege of building a corporate social impact program.  Our corporation was committed to making a difference and our team had wide latitude to implement our programs.  The result?  We engaged over 55,000 customers from 28 countries who contributed over 650,000 gifts resulting in $25 million in donations.  That money educated children, provided food, psychological counseling, shelter and cultural enrichment for an entire community.  We saved children from drug trafficking and made a difference in their lives.  And the donors?  Their relationship shifted from a business only relationship with the company to one of partnership and investment.  Did that strengthen their interest and loyalty?  ABSOLUTELY!  It was a win, win, win! 

We help companies that capture a vision of what is possible and then make it so.  Work with us. 

Let's change the world together.
  Our Team
Pearl Wright
Marketing and Social Media Strategy
Mindy Relyea, Founder
One Wish World
Leah Barker, CEO 
CHOICE Humanitarian
Michael Nebeker, Vice President 
Operation Smile
Nancy Halden, Principal
Getting to Granted
Kate Edwards, Executive Director
Friends for Sight
Bill Wilson, President
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