What if You Could Ask Fundraising Advice from World Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector?
Written by Andrea Barnes on August 11th 2016
In January, I wondered how, given my background and experience, could I provide the highest service to people who are raising money for important and vital missions in the world? I imagined that if I could gather some of the world’s most respected leaders in the nonprofit and social good space to ask them questions and seek their advice, that this might be a great learning opportunity for many individuals and organizations alike.
An astonishing thing happened. Each amazing leader I invited to the telesummit said YES. Each represents a truly stellar organization and the fundraising advice and training they offer is profound.
I invite you to join us for the first annual global nonprofit telesummit, Investing in Human Solutions, which is presented by The Giving Principles, an organization established to support those who are raising money to create a better world. The event is virtual and it's a lot like having a great coach sitting face-to-face with you. The presentations are in the form of interviews. I'm in my office, our great speakers are in their offices. It's casual, candid and very personal.
If you register for the event, what will you learn?
•STRATEGIES: Learn practical strategies to fuel your fundraising success from real world organizations
•IMPACT: You will hear example after example of what makes these nonprofit world-class in the delivery of their missions
•VIABILITY: Leave with inspired ideas to raise sustainable funds
•MASTERY: Master a fundraising mindset to raise money and change live I've been raising money for over 30 years and through these interviews I have learned critical concepts about donor relationships, asking for transformational gifts, leveraging donor investments and much more.

What You Can Expect
For the free event, one interview will be released each day, Monday through Friday from September 12 to September 30. Each interview is 30-45 minutes in duration. Each interview will be available for 3 full days to accommodate your busy schedule. These interviews are packed with wisdom and advice that will be valuable for any nonprofit seeking to make a difference.

During the event, you will receive daily email notifications introducing the day's featured speaker. I invite you to pick up your free seat today.

Editor's Note:
The 2016 Telesummit is now concluded.  But it is not too late to learn from our incredible speakers.  For the low price of $149, you will have access to all 15 Telesummit speakers and their generous free gifts through our exclusive membership area:
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