My 3 Greatest Regrets and What Fills Me with Gratitude in 2016
Written by Andrea Barnes on December 22, 2016
In 2016 I was filled with gratitude... Unexpectedly, but possibly one of the greatest experiences of my life was fulfilled in the production of the Global Nonprofit Telesummit. It was an event of yesses. First each speaker, one by one, agreed to participate. Then my marketing and production team and then the audience. Global nonprofit leaders spoke to us all from around the world and together we learned.

I was also able to fulfill a long-time dream of teaching on-line. It was such an incredible opportunity to dig deep in order to create a comprehensive fundraising course for the new nonprofit professional. Through the Giving Principles | Learn to Raise Money for the Cause You Love course, I was able to share my knowledge with students locally as well as half-way across the world. I was inspired by the humanitarian, sports, child-development, grief support, arts and child abuse missions of my students. A new class starts in January. Stay Tuned!

So now my regrets…
My online work took me away from working one-on-one with clients. I missed the personal connections and making a difference up close. My commitment is to serve directly in 2017. If I can assist your organization, please reach out to me.
Through our on-line connections, we didn’t connect more in personal conversation. I’d love to know more about you, your nonprofit work and mission. Reach out to me on facebook so that I can learn your story.
I fell in love with each Telesummit speaker and their charity. My regret is that I can’t work side-by-side daily with each one of these talented and dedicated people.
In January, I am teaching the Giving Principles | Learn to Raise Money for the Cause You Love again. This 9-session comprehensive fundamentals course is designed to support the needs of new development professionals, new Executive Directors and founders on new charities. The course covers the art and science of raising money. It is intimate and full of opportunities to get real world support for your charity. Stay tuned for more information!
Following the Global Nonprofit Telesummit, I have redesigned my website. I invite you to poke around and learn about our team and our work. It would be our deep pleasure to be of service to your organization. Please Visit our Site
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