I was an Accidental Fundraiser...
Written by Andrea Barnes on January 11, 2017
Fresh out of grad school, I was hired into the lead fundraising position for a professional theatre at a local university. I was assigned to raise $400,000 in the first 9 months (which is roughly $1 million in today's dollars)...

...There were 45 people whose jobs were relying on my success.
...There were hundreds of actors, designers, directors and musicians to boot
...There were over 25,000 patrons who are expecting to see the shows.

I was only 24 years old and on my first day, my new boss, Chuck, pulled me aside and said, “Andrea, I don’t know anything about raising money, so don’t ask me." And if you can believe it, he turned me loose and just expected that I would do it! It is that very experience that motivated me to create a comprehensive, fundamentals fundraising course, The Giving Principles Learn to Raise Money for the Cause You Love. The course begins January 31, 2016. Registration is now open.
The Giving Principles Learn to Raise Money for the Cause You Love
The Giving Principles course is perfect for:
• An employee new to a fundraising position who doesn’t have prior experience
• A new executive director who doesn’t have fundraising experience
• The founder of a non-profit who realizes they can’t fund the venture on their own and they need to learn to raise money fast
• A non-profit board member or volunteer who is raising money for their charity.
Free Webinar
I've created a free webinar where I share a few key principles that have helped me to raise money without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. In the webinar, I also share exactly what is entailed in the course. Access free webinar here
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If you know of anyone who might benefit from The Giving Principles – a course that shares the depth of my knowledge and experience in raising $34 million for local, national and international charities, please forward this blog  to them.
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About The Giving Principles
The Giving Principles is a company that aims to create unprecedented support for good.  We do this in three areas:
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About Author: Andrea Barnes

Andrea Barnes founded The Giving Principles after having spent her entire career facilitating social good around the globe.  She is an expert in nonprofit management with an emphasis on raising money.  Along the way, she designs corporate social impact programs with local, national and international reach.
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