4 Ideas to Develop Deeper Relationships with Your Donors
Written by Andrea Barnes on June 1st, 2016
"It takes a little bit of mindfulness and a little bit of attention to others to be a good listener, which helps cultivate emotional nurturing and engagement."
Deepak chopra
In my career spent serving nonprofits, I have truly grown to love my donors. I have respect and deep caring for them. They have taught me selflessness and generosity. I've learned from their stories and their examples.

Donor Relationships
We are all seeking the magic formula for building the ideal relationships with our donors so that they are inspired and ready to give when asked. I have spent many hours helping nonprofits to develop their own cultivation strategies and I don’t believe there are magic formulas. Except one, that is building personal, sincere relationships with your donors. When a donor is aware of the need, understands your charity’s methodology and effectiveness, respects your leadership and has an emotional relationship with your clients and their stories, they are able to step into their role in solving the need by making a gift.

Here are four quick but authentic ideas to engage your donor for deeper connection:
When you are writing critical documents for your organization, such as revamped mission or case statements or new copy for your website, reach out to a few critical donors to solicit their honest feedback. What works well in the documents? What have you missed? This activity helps a donor to critically evaluate and think about your charity’s work.
Ask your donor to visit your charity. Allow them to learn from your program staff, observe your organization's work in action, and meet the clients you serve. This hands-on experience in invaluable in shaping and deepening a relationship.
Engage your donor in leadership roles, whether on the board, through an auxiliary group or on a committee. They will see firsthand, the needs and challenges and begin to identify ways they can step in to support.
Spend one-on-one time with your donor. Take time to authentically learn about their hopes and dreams, goals and desires. Find ways to match your charity’s work to their aims. Establish trust and rapport. Convey your passion and motivations about the work.
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