Plant the Seeds for Fundraising Success
Written by Andrea Barnes on May. 16th 2016
“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”
Alan Lakein

Spring is in full bloom in my neighborhood

I'm an avid gardener and it is such an inspirational time to plan out my vegetable plantings and to prepare and renew the soil. If I do the work now, it will bear generous results. Planning my garden reminds me how important strategic planning is for the success of a fundraising program.
Strategic Planning for Success

When I work with nonprofit clients, I review their old strategic fundraising plans (if they have any) and help them to create a powerful new one. While not everyone will keep their fundraising plan on their desk at all times, it is the activities that go into creating the plan that help to drive success for the year. An annual strategic plan
•Reviews the successes and misses of the previous year
•Projects current and future opportunities
•Identify priorities and resources
•Helps to set stretch but realistic goals
•Helps everyone agree and commit to the priorities
•Helps to raise more money
•Sets the yearly calendar

Winston Churchill said, “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential”. I recently listened to a webinar offered by Network for Good. They mentioned that “It is not the plan per se, but it is the act of planning that increases your chances of success.” There is an old adage that what you pay attention to grows.

So if you want to grow your fundraising efforts, pay attention to the plan and then put a structure into place, such as a monthly fundraising calendar to create accountability. Pay particular attention to your commitment to donor meetings because the more face-to-face meetings you plan, the more money you will raise.

Finally, include key players in your strategic plan – board members, the executive director and staff member. When all understand the elements that go into the plan, you will see a greater investment of time, resources and technology to ensure success.
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