Have You Used Your Gift Table Lately?
Written by Andrea Barnes on April 19th, 2016
One of my favorite strategic fundraising tools is the gift table. It is the first thing I analyze when working with new clients. Why? Because it is the road map that leads to charitable fundraising success. A gift table helps your charity to identify the number of gifts you need to secure and at what levels. It is the starting point to determine WHAT your charity needs and WHO can help you. Statistically, 80% of all money that is donated to charity is contributed by 20% of the donors. Knowing the importance of top donors focuses your efforts on building authentic connections for success. To get started, google "gift table tools" and plug in your fundraising goal.
1. Determine Levels of Support and Potential Donors
Once you have identified the levels of support you are seeking as well as the number of gifts you need at each level, it is time to start filling in names of your current and prospective donors that you believe will support you at the various levels. Be generous in filling out these names because you need to identify between 3 and 5 prospective donors for every gift you hope to secure.
2. Rally Team to Identify Donors
Use your board, staff members and volunteers to help you identify potential supporters. And remember donors come from all walks – individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies.
3. Begin to Cultivate New Contact
Successful charities incorporate events and opportunities to meet and cultivate new donors. Strategically develop these introductory events so that your organization is healthy and growing.
4.  Develop Meaningful Relationships
Finally, develop a strategy to meaningfully develop relationships with each prospect on the list so they may be open to a request for support. Assign the prospective donors to board members and staff members and then prioritize your calendars to meet with each donor in person.
Have you pulled out your gift table lately? It might be time to take another look.
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