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The Giving Principles: Nine Principles to Help You Raise $1 Million Handbook
  This tool is a wonderful guide to help you and your organization put the fundamental steps in place to support your $1 million campaign

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The Handbook is a wonderful start but sometimes you learn best with the personal guidance of a teacher

The Giving Principles Mini-Workshop
Nine Principles to Help You Raise a $1 Million
Offered by Andrea Barnes

Just $59.  You'll participate in the live 60 minute webinar-style workshop and receive access to the recording and slide deck.

Live event is October 13, 2016 at 10 am MST

Live event: October 13 at 10 am MST
The Door Has Been Opened
You are inspired.  You know what you need to do.  You need skills.
Giving is based on relationships, on story-telling and tried and true principles.  In this mini-workshop we examine the 9 key principles in greater depth...principles that will change your fundraising from painful to purposeful.    You will learn
  • How to Tell Your Story- Because telling your story builds relationships and allows people to understand
  • How to Engage Your Team- Because fundraising is mission-aligned and everyone needs to be involved
  • How to Ask...Because if you don't ask, your mission won't succeed.
"I love this course - it is phenomenal for someone like me, passionate, enthusiastic, ready to be put to service championing a worthy cause. This is an amazing resource. Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering this tremendous opportunity."
MB, Telesummit Participant
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